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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Does Karma come in cycles?

There are days when you really have to wonder if karma comes in cycles...and you really have to hope that it does...for some people.

Today was a good day. I'd put the finishing touches on second draft for a novella and had two novellas ready to go into the computer for third draft. I'd written about 12,000 words of new work in the last two days, 8000 of it yesterday alone. That puts you in a really good mood...a really good place for a writer.

Then someone gave me a link that shows recent entries for your name on blogs. I found a handful of really nice ones I'd never seen before. Then I found the one that made my blood boil and darn near undid all my happy thoughts.

There are some people on the web who are somewhat of a contradiction unto themselves. They scream about their rights and the sanctity of their copyrights. They can quote the laws of copyright front and back. They refuse to acknowledge case law on the subject, even when presented with it, because it doesn't always support their narrow view of the law as stated on the copyright site...then...

As I said, I was given a wonderful link ( to see if you appear in the blogs of others. I found one that abuses my copyright, posted BY an author who screams the loudest about his own rights. He knows the laws. He quotes them, shouts them, screams them out. Then he has the nerve to take portions of list posts from other authors off of a list serve (all of which are copyright to the original author of the post) and post them to his blog. The reason? Since he's been proven wrong on many of these points on list, he just feels the need to strike back in the only childish manner he can (I would assume). Never mind that he's breaking the very laws he demands people uphold for him.

One can only hope that such two-faced arrogance comes back to bite him in the arse.

Note to all of the newbie authors out there. From the moment you record something IN ANY MEDIUM (voice recorded, typed into the computer, onto paper, or hand-written), it is copyright to you. Though you need to copyright it with the office before filing suit, it is still your intellectual property.

Never forget that even list posts are copywritten material. IF you take a post from a list and send it onto another or repost it verbatim somewhere else without the permission of the original poster, you are breaking copyright law and the TOS of nearly every online system. That means you can be kicked off of every list on a system and face legal action.

Here's hoping that karma comes in cycles? Mr. Loudmouth may feel good about himself tonight, but I'm hoping that tomorrow bears sweeter fruit from those of us who have had our copyrights trampled on by him.